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Group Guidelines

Please read before posting!
The group is for asking and answering questions about OmegaT and similar programs, and for discussing topics that are related to OmegaT. vs.
There is a similar group of OmegaT enthusiasts called the "omegat-users" group at  OmegaT also used to have a group at Yahoogroups.  The group at Yahoogroups was migrated to Sourceforge in late 2019.  The group at Sourceforge has more members than the group at, and all of the old Yahoogroups messages are available in the Sourceforge group's archives, here: However, some people find more user-friendly, and allows web posting, and that is the reason for this second OmegaT user group.  We recommend that you join both groups.

How to post a useful message
When asking a question, please don't forget to include the following information in your message:
  • Which version of OmegaT you are using (if any)
  • What is your operating system, and which version
  • What file types do your question relate to (if any)
It may also be useful to mention the "support information", which you can copy in OmegaT by going to Help > About, and clicking "Copy Support Info", which you can then paste into your e-mail.
Although's user interface is currently available only in English, and although the group's guidelines etc. are in English, please feel free to use any language when posting messages in this group.  This is not an "English-only" group.
List policies
All new members start with moderated status -- their first message to the list will be moderated. 

Searching old messages
You can search the old Yahoogroups messages at the Sourceforge group, here: (no login necessary).  To search the old messages that were posted at, use the Messages section.

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