Official twitter account

Jean-Christophe Helary

Hello everybody.

Since the end of June, and for personal reason, I've been a lot less on the web.

As far as the official twitter account is concerned (@OmegaTOfficial) I'm still handling it but there are 2 issues:

1) The number of tweets that contain the string "omegat" and that are not related to OmegaT is significant

2) The amount of time I can spend checking said tweets is limited

As far as the official account is concerned, I try to do the following:

1) Send a nice message to people who say they like or use OmegaT (like "don't hesitate to ask any question")

2) Help when the tweet describes a problem the user has with OmegaT

3) Retweet stuff that is relevant to the community.

among other things.

When the tweet is in a language I do not understand (anything but French, Japanese, English) the "Translate Tweet" function is usually enough to understand it and react in a relevant manner.

Since Didier handed me the account, I think I've not done too bad and the reactions are generally positive.

Now, I'd appreciate the following help:

If anyone finds a random tweet that is obviously related to OmegaT and to which neither @OmegaTOfficial nor @brandelune have replied, please just retweet or "forward" or do whatever so that I know the tweet exists, with a tag to @OmegaTOfficial.

If you feel like helping or replying directly to the user, feel free to do so. @OmegaTOfficial does not have to be the only active OmegaT related twitter account. In fact, Didier handed me the account when he had to quit because I was actively supporting users in Japanese under my personal account: @brandelune.

I've noticed that Japanese users are more likely to use Twitter than other language speakers, which is interesting, but there are a lot of Spanish users (lots of students) and a number of other language speakers (Russian, Arabic, etc.). It's quite interesting and fun to help them.

So just go ahead, no need for a green light or anything.

And thanks in advance.

Jean-Christophe Helary @brandelune